The Wednesday League has been played at the Royal Jersey Golf Club for more than 40 years. It is a summer evening league and is played over 14 consecutive Wednesdays starting in early May. A players best 8 scores are used for the final league table standings.


The format has changed many times over the years but the league is generally for full and social members of the Royal Jersey who are category 3 or 4 golfers (13 handicap or greater). However, lower handicap players are welcome to play and take an active part in the League.


The fee for entry to the league is £10 and each competitor will contribute £3 per round played for the weekly & annual prizes plus the ever popular weekly golf ball draw. A player must stay for dinner to be eligible for the golf ball draw and Birdie 2 balls.

To all Wednesday League members past and present, the sad news this year of the deaths of Brian Troy and David Blake, both will be sadly missed.


Brian, as both a long-standing member of WL and while as RJGC Captain both hugely supportive and aware of the significance the WL had within the Clubs golfing calendar.

David, a regular participant of the WL seasons each year, and since its start, a supporter of the WL Tour each year.


News on the Wednesday League Tour 2021, all still good for the 19th to 23rd April. The Itinerary is still the same, flights are booked, however nearer the time BA will confirm as to whether it will be Gatwick or Heathrow that we'll use?

We are staying again at Kingswood so it won't make too much of a difference if it is Heathrow.


I'll be putting up a notice on the WL board at the Club house in early January, in terms of the Itinerary etc. Also, a couple of those that were down for this year's tour won't be joining us next year, so there will be 3 or 4 spots to be filled, so if you want to give me a call ahead of the notice please do.


On the subject of the WL Tour, CBRE have, as well as the WL season itself, kindly sponsored prizes for the tour over the last 3 years.

Sadly, the sponsorship will not be continued into 2021, but I'm pleased to say that Jon will still be taking part during our season, and I'm sure joining us on the WL Tour.


So, on behalf of all Wednesday Leaguers, a big thank you to you Jon and CBRE for your support.


It just leaves me to say, Stay Safe!


'Merry Christmas' and with not too many golfing days left, 'A HAPPY NEW YEAR!' to all.



Bob Bowden

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