WL v RJ Juniors 2016
Team members indicating the likely winners
Some got it right !
The teams raring to go
John Eddy & Mike Russell v Stanley Keites & JJ Lloyd
Match Halved
Scott Simpson & Jimmy Hughes v Flora Keites and Hannah Mundy
WL win 2 & 1
Chris Cole & David Blake v Casper Perry & Jon Chamberlain
WL win 1 up
Kevin Mundy & Andrew Wignall v Harrison Crow & Sam Quail
Juniors win 3 & 2
Danny Wherry & David Frank v Harry Lloyd & John Lloyd (Snr)
WL win 4 & 3
Phil Evans & Bernie Le Claire v Tom Chamberlain & James Cushing
WL win 5 & 4
Chris Wall & Wally Fallaize v Adam Hayward & Tommy Jewell
Match Halved
Junior captain Flora Keites presents trophy to winning WL captain John Eddy
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