Wednesday League Tour 2017




















Tour party arriving at Cuddington

1st Tee Cuddington

Jimmy sees the funny side - not us glasses are empty !

Rested and refreshed after round 1 Cuddington

Cuddington reshuffle - still rested and refreshed

Lovely view of the Cuddington Clubhouse from the 18th green

Tourists putting out on the 18th green Cuddington

Friends united - dinner with Woodcote Park

Dinner with Woodcote Park - Cheers

Let battle commence with Woodcote Park

Kevin and Andrew take on Rodders and Chris - A rare WL victory

Steve Coppell and Co enjoying one of Dave Franks Ditty's

Dr Dave takes the stage - ensuring the speeches will be short !

Danny Murphy ex Spurs and Liverpool asks Wayne for a selfie - or was it the other way round ?

At the Well House Inn - 10 mins from Kingswood Clubhouse as the crow flies - Literally

Wayne and Jimmy on the 15th at Kingswood. Good luck finding your ball marker!

Not a bad view from room 101 at Kingswood

Wednesday League Tour 2017